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Crack NEET in first attempt

When NEET aspirant starts to prepare for a medical exam, the very first step is to make a schedule which aids in groundwork management.

☞ The schedule should be prepared in such a method that it covers the topics which can be revised multiple times. This strategy will help the aspirants get a clear picture of their preparation in the upcoming months to crack the NEET exams in first attempt.

Plan your Preparation📝

1) Time Management

Last day preparation is done by those aspirants who are either very Smart or dumb . If any aspirant is serious about recording a good rank in NEET exam, then he must realize, that there is no such thing as last-minute preparation and you’re contending with lacs of aspirants. Hence begin your preparation well in time. Dedicate ample amount of time each day to your NEET preparation. Remember that a good foundation practically assures success.

2) Setting Target with Timeline

Aspirants has to decide when to complete one chapter/topic and the whole syllabus by deciding a deadline for the NEET exam. Aspirants should know how to crack NEET exam easily by determining shorter and larger targets at the same time. Shorter targets will help them in knowing the topics covered each session whereas the longer targets will help in understanding how much aspirants need to prepare on how to crack NEET in very first attempt.

3) Preparing with Med prep study Material

Med prep study material is best to prepare for the NEET exam. The NCERT textbooks for Class 11 and 12 are suggested to be the important books for.

4) Understanding

Objective Questions of NEET UG require a fundamental understanding of topics. After covering each topic, it is best for the aspirants to observe themselves on how to crack NEET with no trouble and clarify doubts at that time itself.

5) Taking all India mock tests

Taking all India mock tests also is extremely essential to know how to crack NEET in first attempt as mock tests give real exam day practice. This will accommodate aspirants to analyse the fear and pressure of the NEET exam and to whole the paper in decided three hours’ time. All India mock tests and the NEET exam should be of the similar time setting.

6) Solving previous year NEET papers

Aspirants who are practicing previous years’ NEET question papers can aim to crack NEET in first attempt. Previous NEET question papers will help them recognize the level of the exam and the important topics.

7) Solving incorrectly attempted problems

After each All-India mock test and previous year papers aspirants can note down the wrong answers and start focusing on the frail areas. This can make aspirant definite about their strategy in preparing for the NEET exam without repeated mistakes. This will certainly increase the aspirant’ ability and ensure them with their self-confidence on how to crack NEET easily.

8) Regular revision is key to victories

Taking some time out to revise the concepts and also making flashcards/factsheets if the medical aspirants have a problem in recalling the facts & concepts, would definitely help in making notes of all the uncertainties. It also helps in denoting from the guides and books which can analyse the performance of each day and gives clear idea on how to crack “NEET medical entrance in first shot.”